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You Can Sing Me Anything
You sit alone
In a room that I know well
And I'm breathing in your smell,
My dear.
I'm clutching the phone
And just missing your skin
Oh sweetheart, where do I begin
When you're not here?
I fall into you
And my skies turn blue
From your sun.
My puzzle-piece match,
My perfect catch
You're the one.
I sit alone
In a room that should hold you
And my heart beats a tattoo
At your voice.
You hold my heart
And despite these distance blues
Every single day I choose
And you're my choice.
If you'll be my voice
Then I'll be your song
Yes I'll be your song,
Won't you sing along?
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 0 0
Desole Pour L'Attente
Your voice is like black treacle.
Thick and dark
And rich and
Pulling me under
A quicksand which envelops me
The more I struggle.
Wrapped unkempt and
Unpolished around this heart
This heart,
Which bloomed unexpectedly
Despite, or because of
Previous rain.
It only revealed vibrant colour
In the light of
Your sun.
It threads the air like
So many balloons on a birthday
I'll ignore, hoping for another occasion.
It's up to you.
Sweet and low, I'll lie
In bed and hope, counting months and lie
To my reflection,
Pretending I don't mind.
My mind replying that I'm lucky.
I can't escape, engaged in war
And nothing else.
I hope for a cliché.
A dream I unexpected.
It's up to you.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 0 0
Inch by Inch
You told me my eyes were like diamonds,
And not a moment too soon.
You never knew Her,
She left before you appeared
Though sometimes you catch Her reflection in my eyes
When I'm lost, before you reel me back in to bury my frustration at
The inadequacies of the world
In your chest.
The once-angry scarlet stripes that She left behind
Are now tidy little white lines on
A measuring tape that runs the length of my arms
And thighs.
They're marking off how much I've grown.
Sometimes you kiss the insides of my wrists, not realising
The significance of this.
I love your sweet ignorance,
And the way your eyes skip over the flaws
That I'm compiled of, seeing only
'The most beautiful woman in the world'.
Though I'll never catch her in the mirror,
I believe your sincerity
Because your eyes cannot lie.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 1 2
Once a Friend
I am happy. I am loved. But there's a you-shaped hole that makes everything a little wrong, a little off-kilter; like a warped painting. I swear to God you saved my life, and more than once at that. You caught more tears and filled more pained silences than I ever gave credit for; beyond the call of duty doesn't cover it.
Even after all this time and space and contorting change change I reckon you probably still know me better than anybody else, and I like to think the reverse is true, though you'd no doubt disagree and that would only prove the point against me. You've grown and flourished, stepped out of old skin no longer needed and flown headfirst into a new life of a shape I neither recognise nor understand.
But I'm still me. I've shrugged off the old haunting shadows that I used to wear so hopelessly and climbed out of the hole I lived in for that dark time, but I'm still me, and nobody will fit inside the space you left behind. I miss you, and I really know it's too late
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 1 2
This Pen Repeats
This pen repeats.
Our names twinned;
Coupled in glorious ink, my pen repeats
A motif in red felt tip.
Heartprints on my fingers transferred
From page to life,
Like I could create love
Through repetition of a pen
And leave my fingerprints
On your heart.
My pen lies.
Tells me anything I want to know
And denies reality, and clarity
And truth.
I'd have it no other way.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 1 4
Sinking Ships and Silent Lips
My hand was a restless butterfly in your palm, pink beating wings against your fingertips in vain attempts to stay trapped.
"Dead things don't need cages" I thought (wise beyond the moment), unsure at the time of anything but warm blood rushing through the arm pressed into mine, until my spinning thoughts concluded that our circulatory systems were entangled like the roots of trees in a book quotation I'd memorised off an invitation to a wedding that I never attended. You soothed the silence of night sky into my pulse and fed my veins fire. Stole the air from my lungs only to breathe it back in through my lips, feeding the flames.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 0 0
Has Anybody Seen This Girl?
Condensation of moments
Runs on the clock-face.
Time is not mine, or yours, or your girl-next-door's.
She is a dream in buttercup cream;
You the proverbial cat.
She is breeze through a wheat field window
And sweet hay in summer.
Skirt hitched wading through a sea of gold
And darting swallows sewing joy through dazzled haze.
She is sleeping tickled trout in silent pool
And bubbling brook melting sweat from sun-baked necks.
She is sky
In the eye of my mind.
She is the girl you deserve.
My conversation is wintry
And ice.
Or a drizzled day stained in damp autumnal greys
Setting awkward aches in joints and silences.
You are climbing trees away from me
Into the thicker dark of night sky
And my eyesight's failing now
To leap the gap between
You and S.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 0 3
Jan '09 ID :icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 1 4
Systematic Buddies
More or less,
This avoidance of words is less than ideal
The more I turn it over in hyperbolic fashion
But I cannot disguise all truth
When truth's so pure it doesn't just speak for itself,
It screams.
Secrecy's a curse word inside these walls
But the walls are liars who conspire
So let's share anyway.
And maybe when the wind dies down,
We'll kick the leaves and I'll call it 'happiness'
While your firebrand hands scorch my back
And mark my flesh with 'Friend'.
The word sears and scalds
But it's better than no words at all.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 0 10
Blue-Eyed Lightning Bolt
Damn. One minute, I'm all settled down for an evening of dull moping and trying to bury myself in literature by the glow of the Christmas tree. The next, my face contains more heat and colour than any of the rest of my body and my heart's making enthusiastic attempts at freedom from the constraints of my ribcage.
Why is he here?
This is my refuge. My haven from all the places I might run in to him. The one place I know I'm safe and I can breathe without icy pain catching at the edges of my lungs; the one place I feel thawed. Yet here he is: all damp hair and electric eyes suddenly beside me like a lightning bolt on pause. I wonder if my subtlety's reaching new lows as I shrink into the arm of the sofa on my safe left-hand side with a half-hearted "Hi" in return to his cheerful greeting. Why won't my breathing slow down?
It doesn't take long before he's asking if I'm ok - and I'm prepared for this. I've been ambushed and I know I'm not veiling my hurt too well so I reply w
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 2 8
Tonight - updated
Tonight is in his arms,
Coaxing sweet something I can't pin down
But something's never nothing with this
Light in his eyes.
Strong hands, but he stumbles
Under too much dark.
Painted up in black and blue
He is shattered hope and broken bones
So I'll hold him
Clandestine eyes are mirrored
In sunglassed glossy conversation.
Is this masquerade unending?
Sparks are sparks,
And seeing's not conceiving
When the tempest's underground.
Naked eyes spread the pain
From his half-heart to mine across
One congested room
Like a contortionist's promise,
Like an elasticated silence
Or a vow of sonance.
I break first
But he holds and
Holds a little too long in beautiful adamance
Until time is snatched
And darkness resumes.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 1 3
Poetry Doesn't Do Justice
"In faith, I do not love thee with mine eyes"
But your Shakespearean connects our fiction.
Your eloquence grabs my midnight in a chokehold
And I return the favour with proud twists on language
But none of these wordplays
Do justice to an imitation of veins you tangle
When you jangle my nerves
Wins your expression
And invades your cool blues
But stops short of your
Tip of the tongue,
The teeth and
The lips
In true dramatic fashion,
You mark the moment
In sweet separation.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 1 1
Blankets of Silence
I'm alone,
A clawed hand of cold at my throat
Replaying your strong arms as they ran
Circles around my hopeful back
And your heart beat warmth through my chest.
Ribcage devouring ribcage
Like Krakatoa lovers,
Like the doe's fear in a lion's eyes,
Like you might swallow me up
In an impressionistic blizzard
And leave my skin to the snow;
Each heart filling an empty cavity
Of futile opposition
Sharing warmth
As your hand kissed my cheek
In playful innocence.
The cutoffs from heaven's paper chains
Dance mockingly,
Punctuating my empty hand.
Snow scenes should be shared.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 2 1
White Noise
Reel in the wire bridging the gap of
Negative space
Between our knees.
I am falling through disaster;
The discomfort of you reading my mind through my pupils
Is a pain so beautiful, I can't help
But read right back.
It's the quiet in the carpet tiles
And the angry noise in your shoes
That divides my mouth;
That parts my lips and spews insignificance
Without intervention of my teeth
To bite back
Capture the flag;
Capture the ache.
Capture the ache between our knees
And break it.
Close the gap and seal it.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 1 7
Open Up
Cold, brittle words
Snap beneath my fingertips
In fur-coat guises
Parading as cheer.
I try out my ice cube impersonation
When I freeze your teeth and pin down your running tongue
But I drip off the edge every time you come knocking
With pain in your fists
And a shine on your eyes.
This is inpropriety.
This is war.
Star-crossed in the truest sense of cliche
With a hurried bundle of words and
Heartstrings I can't untangle
But know that this is wrong.
You infuriate the silence
On the wrong side of my door.
You are an
Inside out skeleton in the padlocks
And you shouldn't be here
Shouldn't be here
Should NOT
Be here,
On my side of the door.
My silent throat screams "Turn the clock forward"
But my arms open up and whisper.
:icondifferentlikeyou:DifferentLikeYou 1 1
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we always try and keep it the same
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relationships starting, dying and growing
but why do we have no voice?
and why cant we take the choice?
of keeping things the same
maybe i like keeping somethings unchanged
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A Hand for A Heart
Tell me why we're here now
and tell me why I love you
Tell me where you came from
and tell me where we're going
I gave you something,
something broken and shattered
but it was all I had to give
and you took it with you
wherever you went to,
wherever you are because
you sure as hell aren't here
with me anymore
Tell me why you pretended
and tell me why I cared
Tell me where you ended up
and tell me where I stand
You gave me nothing,
a handful of empty promises
Was that all you had to give?
I held onto it, cherished it
For that one moment
you made me glad to be alive
but you didn't even mean to
You just wanted my heart
So, tell me, why I'm wasting my time
and tell me why you're not
Tell me where I'll be tomorrow
and tell me where I'll see you
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Cheek to Cheek, Heart to Heart
Laying side by side,
I can see into your eyes
and I can feel your heart beat better than ever
What a beautiful sight we must be
Laying side by side,
I can hear your breath
and I can taste your lips better than ever
What a wonderful song we must be
Laying side by side,
I can see the truth
and I can see your web of lies better than ever
What a complicated tragedy we must be
:iconfutileinfatuation:FutileInfatuation 3 7
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03. First Encounters.
Melody had had a tough day at work.  Her boss hadn't appreciated her suggestion that they drop their biggest client because he's a 'tool'.  So much so that now it looked like she would be the one dropped instead.
She'd just that week given up smoking too, worst timing possible it seems.  Since she needs anything now which will calm her down.  But, she has strong willpower, so she'll settle for coffee and chocolate cake.
Callum hasn't had a very good day either.  He's been doing a photo shoot of dumb models for 10 hours and had to put up with them telling him not to make them look fat.  In the end he had to resort to making a couple of them cry in order to get the job done.  And on top of that, his psycho ex-girlfriend showed up and tried to convince him that she hadn't thrown his dog out of the window.  Needless to say, his head hurt now.
And so strange and predictable enough as the world is, both these peo
:icongeeksarelove:geeksarelove 1 7
02. Detox.
Her black lined eyes hide circles she likes to pretend don't exist.  With one hand gripping a bag and the other in her pocket, it's impossible to see the trembling of her fingers.
But she has to withdraw one to put the key in the door, missing too often.  A frustrated whimper almost escapes before she tells herself to just wait.  Just a few seconds.
On the next attempt, she gets the key in the lock and stumbles through the door.
Bloodshot eyes scan the room, but it's just as she left it.  Paranoia aside, she slams the door and falls into the sofa.  Collapsing finally, she allows the tears to flow, releasing more relief than she's had all day.
When the shudders subside, she pulls herself up to drag her bag over.  Rooting through it takes too long, so she dumps the contents onto the coffee table, knocking a magazine off.  
Pills.  In a clear bag they taunt her into taking them, telling her everything will be
:icongeeksarelove:geeksarelove 2 7


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