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You told me my eyes were like diamonds,
And not a moment too soon.
You never knew Her,
She left before you appeared
Though sometimes you catch Her reflection in my eyes
When I'm lost, before you reel me back in to bury my frustration at
The inadequacies of the world
In your chest.

The once-angry scarlet stripes that She left behind
Are now tidy little white lines on
A measuring tape that runs the length of my arms
And thighs.

They're marking off how much I've grown.

Sometimes you kiss the insides of my wrists, not realising
The significance of this.

I love your sweet ignorance,
And the way your eyes skip over the flaws
That I'm compiled of, seeing only
'The most beautiful woman in the world'.

Though I'll never catch her in the mirror,
I believe your sincerity
Because your eyes cannot lie.
I'm so displeased with this piece of writing, but decided I should get back into the habit of uploading something now and then.

It's hard to write about Chris, because writing has always come easily to me when I'm upset or angry or depressed or generally negative. And he makes me feel none of those things. Which I won't complain about, but it does mean my writing suffers! Oh well!
flashgrilled Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Hey 'you,

I have to say, I feel completely the opposite about this piece.. I read this and think... 'Yes'.

It's elegant and I can completely place myself inside it.

Thanks for posting, kitten. :)
DifferentLikeYou Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2010
Sorry for the slow reply! Thank you so much, you are very encouraging :) This one is growing on me... I may even send it to my boyfriend, which I never do with the subjects of my poems.
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