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My Fiancé works as a journalist for a tech website and they're running a competition to see who can get the most Twitter followers. The winner will receive £50. We are pretty poor and could really do with the money, so please, please follow inq_ChrisM if you have a Twitter account. You only have to follow him for a week and then you can unfollow if you want. Spread the word!
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I really really need to sleep, but my sleeping pattern is pretty screwed up. Such is the life of a student, I guess.
I want to go to New Zealand, I bet it's gorgeous at this time of year. I'm sick of wind and rain and having to cut my goodbyes with Chris short because we're both freezing to death and since he has bad circulation I begin to worry that his fingers will drop off at any given moment.
Chris lived and worked in New Zealand for like three months a few years ago. NO FAIR.
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Chris FINALLY asked me out XD



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Chris'll be here tomorrow!! Like, ACTUALLY HERE (:
We talked on the phone last night, and usually I'm terrible with phones and struggle with even a five minute conversation but we talked for THREE HOURS. Crazy.
I really can't wait.
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He's driving all the way to see me on Saturday.

I can't wait.
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Mix CD should be arriving soon. Chris says it's finished, so I'm pretty excited! :eager:

Heh. He seems to think all the lame things I do are cute... like yesterday when I only realised in the evening that I'd been wearing one pink and one blue sock all day... and the day before, when I went to my room to read on my bed and accidentallly fell asleep...

He makes me smile like an idiot (:
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He likes me, he likes me, he likes me! *dances around the room*
  • Listening to: Just Let Go - Mae (Chris' influence!)
  • Reading: My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Piccoult
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Chris decided he wants to make me a mix CD, so he's sending that to me soon. He also said he's majorly impressed with the fact that I drink Guinness.

Just thought I'd share my joy with you all, whether you want it or not (:
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  • Reading: My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Piccoult
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I'm really struggling to write at the moment. Maybe I'm just too distracted...
If anyone's got ideas for inspiration poetry or lyric-wise then comments would be muchas appreciated (:
I always found poetry came easier after a drink but there's nothing alcoholic in the house. Guttered.

I love the little 'Adoration' guy with the balloon! ^^
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  • Reading: My Sister's Keeper - Jodi Piccoult
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I freaking HATE Valentine's day.
Ok, I'd just like some opinions on this. Right.

Imagine you're good friends with this one girl. You're not incredibly close but you do get on really well with her and on occasion have opened up to her considerably. You hate to see her upset or hurting and you always enjoy any time spent with her. She makes you smile. This girl is completely in love with you but you are oblivious to this.
Now imagine you've recently started going out with another girl. It's not particularly intense but she does make you very happy.
Would you want the first girl to tell you how she feels even though you don't feel the same or would you rather stay in the dark and not have the friendship jeopardised? Should she just be happy for you that you're with someone who makes you happy and not try to interfere with that?

Any feedback would be super helpful. Thanks.
Stop falling for charmers and flirts. They'll only be charming and flirting with everyone; believing you mean anything to them purely because of the things they say is foolish. Get over it, he's just a boy.

N.B: This has nothing to do with my last entry.
Never thought I'd regress. Gutted.
I finally know what I'm doing next year! I applied to do something called an FP Impact year and I just had my interview for it. It's basically a year out to serve a church somewhere. I was really nervous about the interview because that's just the kind of thing that freaks me out, especially as it was over the phone (don't even ask) but the guy I spoke to was really nice and seemed really impressed by my application forms and told me that I'll either be in Lowestoft or Bedford helping out with the kids work at one of the churches there!
I'm so excited!
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happy happy birthday to the lovely Nomes!
:iconnaomihorror:naomiHORROR is eighteen years old today so go and wish her a happy birthday right now. Dooo iiiit...

Love you a million squillion, Snomf!

Thanks, everyone =]
  • Drinking: Red wine. I'm sophisticated, innit.
1) I wrote ten poems of reasonable standard. Some of which I'm pretty pleased with.

2) I got a chance to read some more of my book of poetry that arrived yesterday. It's called 'The Last American Valentine', and is a collection of non-sappy love poetry. I adore it. Maybe one day I'll meet a guy who likes poetry enough for me to give it to him for Valentine's day, and for him to actually like it. Le sigh.

3) I have that whole cool smudged eyeliner & tousled hair 'I stayed up all night partying' look going on. Except that rather than partying, I was reading and writing poetry and ignoring whatever crap was on tv. And bloodshot eyes kind of ruins the whole effect.
I am possibly the geekiest person I know.

Gosh I'm tired.

I hate treading on eggshells.
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Features. This is all stuff that I love and/or inspires me. Two for each deviant. This isn't everything, 'cause I got tired and couldn't be bothered to do any more.

I Am Justice by behindinfinity  &  

Sentiment' by beizebopp &   A Night We Walked TogetherAs we walk together, i glance at you.
Your image steals my breath away and snatches at my heart.
Illuminated by a distant beam, A magnificent sight.
My words form clouds in the thin nights air,
I wonder if you're warm enough,
I hope so.
The wind wraps me like an icy blanket,
The cold catches in my throat and burns my chest.
Your skin reflects the quarry lights,
radiant, amazing. Untouchable
Transcendent of this stupid boy.
Darkness hides me from your eyes,
Raindrops kiss my face and cloak my tears,
The downpour forms silver pools in the road.
Thier mirror like surfaces showing me a broken man.
You remind me of happier times,
Confident, carefree times..
Lost times..   Dead times.
We reach your destination.
You have to leave me now.
Although it hurts to part from you.
I set off, to that place i call home.
That place i am tied to, chained to.
It feels so wrong, walking away,
when my whole being aches to stay.
The walk is so much longer,
When your stuck inside my mind.

Twilight Link by Carlotta4th &   Escher Collage by Carlotta4th

:thumb76042469:  &  :thumb77112432:

Weekend with some friends by drakedrakedrake  &   My pencil by drakedrakedrake

Reflective thinking by EmoNemoDan  &   House of the Rising SunThen.
It was around midnight. The cedar tree outside the window intercepted moonlight from interfering with my dreams. Our house was big, but wasted by unused space and was above the first-floor bookmakers in New Orleans. The orange curtains moved by the draught through the house. I was asleep at the time, but blissfully aware. I tied my bedsheets tightly around me, and sweated coldy. And when the sound of a million crows filled my head, I shot up only to be restrained by the bedsheets that suffocated my body from the air. Cool air. My eyes twitched and they opened. I shrugged my way backwards out of the sheets and walked along the floorboards to my locked bedroom door. I reached up to unlock it and turned the cold metal handle and it fell open with a creak.
Crying. Screaming. My sister, two years my junior, crept out of her room and the mobile hanging from her ceiling filled the landing with golden, red light that reminded me of expensive wine. I ordered her to return to her ro

Rock rose 4 by ENAstock  &   Shall I go to the ball? by ENAstock

:thumb66732411:  &  :thumb65537439:

Lace. by geeksarelove  &   02. Detox.Her black lined eyes hide circles she likes to pretend don't exist.  With one hand gripping a bag and the other in her pocket, it's impossible to see the trembling of her fingers.
But she has to withdraw one to put the key in the door, missing too often.  A frustrated whimper almost escapes before she tells herself to just wait.  Just a few seconds.
On the next attempt, she gets the key in the lock and stumbles through the door.
Bloodshot eyes scan the room, but it's just as she left it.  Paranoia aside, she slams the door and falls into the sofa.  Collapsing finally, she allows the tears to flow, releasing more relief than she's had all day.
When the shudders subside, she pulls herself up to drag her bag over.  Rooting through it takes too long, so she dumps the contents onto the coffee table, knocking a magazine off.  
Pills.  In a clear bag they taunt her into taking them, telling her everything will be

coke by hisMandSgirl  &   me by hisMandSgirl

:thumb65391830:  &  :thumb77319666:

OutlineI'd like to pencil in your auburn hair
Trace my fingers across skin laid bare
Shade your eyes dark with a brush of my lips
Smooth with my hands the curves of your hips
Spell your name into your ear
You said mine but I didn't hear
I look at you and I don't say
What I mean when I want but I just can't say.
I'd like to pencil in your auburn hair
I'd like to paint you but you're not there.
  &   What more do you want?Saints, sinners, criminals and sluts
All speak in tongues and hesitating buts
They ask for a dollar from your generosity
And they rob you blind for your empathy
You try to give what you never can take
And they give you all the hate for the love that you make
Sticks and stones, they break your bones
But better than the ingratitude they give you on loan.

1979 by IwishIwasPretty  &   frank iero by IwishIwasPretty

:thumb44609451:  &  :thumb51579889:

:thumb73972613:  &  :thumb76253780:

Mountain Heaven by LinnyPipsqueak  &   LumpA disgusting and twisted soul, a lump of human emotion, is congealed on my kitchen floor. Like something the dog spat up.
It’s beautiful really, it’s delicate and soft.
It’s how the clouds would be if they were tainted and black.
It’s compulsively alluring but still I am terrified.
I want to touch it, grab it, shove it in that cupboard so no one can see, but it’s seeping through my veins, it’s in my blood, and it pours out with my tears. It blots up like bruises. My bruises are like roses. I love them, and I won’t let them go. I like it here in the kitchen with my lump. It’s the coal to my fire.
How could such venom exist, yet be so precious?
There’s poison in my fridge, instead of juice. It’s vile but I love it.
And the roast is rotting in the oven, just the way I like it.
The scene is set.
What am I holding onto?
What have we unleashed, you and I?

oh today today by little-pretty  &   Eating Disorders. by little-pretty

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:thumb87782368:  &  :thumb76125300:

Trap and Home Again.If I had some silence
I think I'd understand.
But I'm seeking crowded places,
Sweaty buses,
Fast trains.
I seek what I run from.
But this way I control my own environment.
It becomes perfect,
A natural habitat in which I thrive.
I can choose what I see,
I can pick what to ignore,
But back at home there's a trap.
And the longer I stay, the more stuck I become.
  &   Gin and TonicYour petrol spills out into this clear blue lake,
Skimming the surface for seconds
Before mixing and merging.
Creatures within choke and suffocate
As this poison pollutes their lungs and veins.
Struggling to survive,
Will this rescue attempt be just that?
An attempt?
Or will these gasps for fresh air be victorious?

Little miss sunshine? by sparkle-stock  &   These are uneasy times by sparkle-stock

I'm Bleeding Confessionsi'm bleeding confessions off my hips
with my knees pressed into the floor
and 'forgive me father for i have sinned-"
was never good enough for these lips
(the sky, it's a decaying flash of sin
& skin, a cigarette between my teeth
i'm ramming hate hate hate lyrics into my heart
repeating words into paper & ink and messy hearts
and the soft eyed christian boy, he wants to save
me so badly if only i knew what really was wrong
and gunshot and bullets and suicides, i've seen it all
so maybe the problem is, i've seen too much
(or maybe i just don't believe) & my friends laugh
off the sunday mornings when they're high and i'm
just serching through the cabinets for a bottle of
tylenol and coffee & the boy,
the brown hair wide mouth boy, he hands me a bible
and (whispers) you're going to hell, typical (i'm sorry but
i can't save you.)
  &   I'mPushingAnythingThatFitsLiam looks closed lips and bloodshot eyes at the rising sunset, the warm air outlining his bruises.
Leaning against the tree he writes another poem to add to his never-ending collection of failure and he opens his lips like metaphors, like a poet. Somedays he knows, Liam just knows he going to make it, someday, somehow but somedays he's pushing anything that'll fit in a syringe and into his skin, the well-kept scars hidden under layers of hoodies and inky pens.
Beside him, Cyan laughs, wide mouth, and he's smoking a cigarette as it hangs limply from his lips. The ground beneath his feet is burning with the need of light, because you know, darkness is to hard to live in, &
the stars are gone.
"I want to fly," Liam said, his lungs filling up with desperation and (it's my dream) "to sail through the endless night sky with no sense of directions are clarity, and just lose myself-
I want to crash when my wings break and I want to hurt, I want to know what it feels like when everythin

The Butterfly Effect by KmyeChan  &   Dream on... by KmyeChan

I will never grow up. by poop-art  &   imagining.. by poop-art

tori5 by vintagegothII  &   +waiting+ by vintagegothII

Jack Sally Vans by SwissDutchess  &   SLH My Former Self EP Cover by SwissDutchess
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I can't work journal CSS.
I'd really really appreciate some help.
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